Duplex Dressers

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Cradle the portable grinding wheel between two sets of cutters. The wheel is dressed and trued in a few seconds. For ease of use mount near grinding area.

Desmond Short Duplex Dresser (Patented)

Dress 1" to 4" grinding wheels and plug wheels in seconds. Restores shape and free cutting action.

Code Number Type
19310 Dresser
19120 Cutter sets (2)

Desmond Duplex Dresser (Patented)

Dress 4" to 8" grinding wheels restoring wheel face squareness while dressing away dull grit.

Code Number Type
19110 Duplex Dresser
19120 Cutter sets (2)

Desmond Swing Frame Dresser (Patented)

Dress large wheels up to 36" with this floor mounted dresser. Cutter units No. 65-HD revolve using sealed ball bearing blocks. Has 2" width cutter face.

Code Number Type
19210 Swing Frame Dresser
19220 Cutter sets (2)

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