Dressers For Precision Grinders

Highest Quality and Longest Lasting Tools in the Industry

For precision dressing of grinding wheels where an extremely accurate finish is required. In many cases, the use of this dresser will eliminate the use of diamonds or only necessitate diamonds for the final dressing operation. Dust protected ball bearings provide long-lasting bearing operation. The replaceable cutters are made from tool steel, carefully hardened for long wear.
Code No. Dresser No. Type Wgt. / lbs.
17110 BB-1 Straight Shank 3/4" x 2-3/4" 3-3/4
17210 BB-2-L Left 3-3/4
17610 BB-2-R Right 3-3/4
17310 BB-3 Centerless 3-3/4
17410 BB-4 Surface Grinder 5-1/2
17510 BB-5 Disc (Table Type) uses BB-14-5 4
17710 BB-6 Disc (Double Disc Style) 4
17810 BB-7 Hand Held Dresser 3-1/2
17020 BB-10 Cutter Unit, Precision 1
17040 BB-10-R Cutter Unit, Roughing 1
17520 BB-10-5 Cutter Unit, Sharp Tooth 1
17720 BB-10/17-A Cutter Unit, Sharp Thick Tooth 1
17030 BB-14 Loose Cutter Set, Precision 1/2
17050 BB-14-R Loose Cutter Set, Roughing 1/2
17530 BB-14-5 Loose Cutter Set, Sharp Tooth 1/2
17770 BB-17-A Loose Sharp Thick Tooth 1/2


Sherman® Dressers

These corrugated cutters have a shearing action and give a finer finish than the Huntington type cutters.

(For use on wheels)

Code Number Dresser Size Diameter Face Wgt. / lbs.
15210 2
over 16"  3"  5-1/4 

Code Number Cutters
Diameter Face
15220 2
2-3/8" 19/32" 


Glide™ Dresser

For bench gliders without a permanent fixture. Adjustable 1/2 carat diamond nib glides across the tool rest. Two angles provide fit on most grinders.

Code Number Type
46100 Glide Dresser 
46101 Replacement Diamond


Angle Dresser

Condition and dress diamond and CBN wheels on surface grinders with this angle mounted abrasive wheel dresser. Bolt to slot or hold with magnetic chuck. Accuracy provided by a sealed ball bearing assembly. Furnished with a medium wheel to be used on 100 grit or coarser grinder. (2-1/2" x 1/2" x 1-1/8" hole wheel)

Code Number Type
46200 Dresser with medium wheel 
46220 Medium wheel for 100 and coarser
46210 Fine wheel for 100 and finer


Boron Carbide Dresser Sticks

Boron Carbide sticks are extremely hard and long lasting.  For medium to fine grit vitrified wheel dressing.

Code No.
Boron 1/4"x1/2"x3" stick


Diamond Hand Tools

A quality diamond is securely mounted in a 6" long x 7/16" diameter alloy steel shank. 6" long "easy grip" handle.

Tool No.
Approx. Ct.
No. 74A 1/4
No. 74B
No. 73A
No. 73B
No. 72A
No. 72B


Nib Holder

Designed for use on surface grinders. Holds #406 nib at proper 15 degree angle. Size of base  2-1/2" x 6". Less diamond nib.

Code No. Holder Type
46500 Holder less Diamond
46583 Holder with 1/4 ct. diamond
46582 Holder with 1/3 ct. diamond
46581 Holder with 1/2 ct. diamond


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