Beltbrasive® Dressers (Patented)

Highest Quality and Longest Lasting Tools in the Industry

Beltbrasive Dressers

For use on coated abrasive belts and discs for removing the load caused by grinding steel, brass, plastic or wood. When used at frequent intervals it will prevent most of the load from forming and considerably increase the life of the belt or disc.

Code No. Dresser No.
24110 BCA-1 Dresser for use on 200-300 grain
24310 BCA-1-NS Dresser non-sparking 200-300
24210 BCA-2 Dresser for use on 60-200 grain
24510 BCA-2-NS Dresser non-sparking 60-200 grain
24410 BCA-4 Dresser for use on 0-60 grain
24120 BCA-1 Cutter units each
24320 BCA-1-NS Cutter unit non-sparking
24220 BCA-2 Cutter units each
24520 BCA-2-NS Cutter unit non-sparking
24420 BCA-4 Cutter sets each


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